Where To Find a Good HVAC Company?

In my job, as a maintenance supervisor for apartments and houses, scattered all over the country, I have needed to find somebody to repair a furnace or air conditioning more times than you want to imagine. I will get on “The Google” and find somebody to make the repairs. I read their ad and have a pretty good sense for when they are “BS” ‘ing the public, and when this is a professional, responsible company.

In keeping with my professional posture I keep records of who I’ve called and how they did. I examine both their professionalism, their expense, their friendliness, how quick they are to respond, how the repairs turned out, how they treated the tenant, the whole shebang. When need somebody, in that city, needs an HVAC repair, again, I want to have those records handy so I know who to call.

I don’t need an HVAC repair guy every day. But, I have well over 2,000 housing units to keep maintained, so the need for a good company comes up pretty often, several times a week. And, my units are concentrated in several cities so the need for a repairman comes up in those cities pretty often.

The other day I decided to organize the computer spreadsheets that I have compiled for several trades. The other trades were pretty scattered, but the for HVAC the pattern was obvious. What I did was give points for each characteristic, expense, professionals, etc.. In the column to the right I added up the points. Then I sorted the results by points, for the different cities. Wow, I was amazed, I hadn’t realized the results that I was getting. One company, HVAC Service Brothers, kept coming up on top. I hadn’t realized I had been calling them so much. But analysis proved the point. These guys are good.

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